[GIMP-Tips Part 2] Using the Levels-tool to adjust exposure etc

About GIMP-Tips -series

This is a second post in my GIMP-Tips series, which tries to help make photo editing more straightforward. You can find the first post of this series here. In that post I tell you how to adjust the white balance. In this part of the series I’ll tell you the easy and quick way to adjust the exposure of the image.
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[GIMP-Tips Part 1] Adjust the white balance of your images

Introduction to Gimp-Tips -series

This is a first post in my GIMP-Tips series, which tries to help make photo editing more straightforward. I’ll try to keep the subjects of these posts relevant to everyone. No matter if you use the cheapest compact camera or the most expensive DSLR with all the bells and whistles, these tips will help you improve the quality of your photos.
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Bricked ebook reader + Bus Pirate + OpenOCD = Working ebook reader

In previous post I told how I bricked my ebook reader (Elonex 621EB, which most likely is rebranded Netronix eb600). After two days of searching around and testing, I managed to recover it. JTAG is something new to me. I’ve known the basics of it, but I’ve never used it for anything. So I had to learn how to use OpenOCD. Because of that, I had few problems during the recovering process.
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“My book won’t boot” would have sounded funny decade ago

Few days ago I disassembled my Elonex 621EB ebook reader and found the pinout of the serial port, which allows me to access bootloader (U-Boot) and the terminal of the system. Since then I’ve been studying embedded linux development (not just basic programming, but also bootloader and kernel development).  I have never cross compiled anything else, than gcc for N800. I compiled it with prebuilt tools, which needed only minimum amount of configuring. After that, I compiled everything onboard.
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Ready to meet Viktor Navorski? Gained access to Elonex 621EB’s terminal


I bought Elonex 621EB ebook reader few weeks ago and I fell in love with e-paper display. According to the package, the firmware is linux based. Having a mobile device with e-paper display and linux sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
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Recelling IBM Thinkpad T40’s battery

Replacing the cells in laptops battery can be much cheaper than buying a new battery. I had a problem after recelling my laptops battery. Read along to find out what it was and how I fixed it.

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